About Us
MaCleaner application

Everyday Tools is a company that works on creating utilities of the highest quality for PC and mobile. Our products are well-known among thousands of customers around the world. Day by day people face small mundane problems - Everyday Tools is here to help you with the daily routine and to make your life more comfortable. You can easily find our apps on the official Apple markets: Mac Store and App Store.

MaCleaner is one of the products we are especially proud of. Creating this Mac optimizer, we wanted to make life of Mac users easier and free of minor annoyances. Nowadays information overload is an issue that affects even machines. Even the most advanced devices’ functionality tends to gradually deteriorate weighed down by excessive data. Now by using only one program you can resolve multiple issues related to the optimization of your computer. What sets our Mac cleaner app apart from the similar utilities is its profoundness. This Mac optimizer doesn’t limit itself to minor troubleshooting but allows the user to really assess the general state of the device, determine the sources of problems and keep them sorted out in the long run. We regularly launch renovated versions of MaCleaner on the market so as to offer our customers an extended set of features at a reasonable price.
As the disk volume grows the users feel less and less compelled to spend time on sorting it out. Time is the most valuable resource in the world, don't waste it trying to deal with the clutter manually. Entrust this process to the enhanced Mac cleaner app of our making – you won't be disappointed!